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Need financial help? See the best loan options

The year 2014 is ending, but there are many who are already looking to the future, concerned with the direction their finances will take in the next year.

The first step in resolving this anguish is to analyze the problem head on: are you in high debt or money is short, but can you reach the end of the month without any financial help?
From this analysis it is possible to reach the conclusion if the best way is to readjust your expenses, cut costs on a daily basis and even dispose of some assets to put your finances in order. If the answer is yes, great! If your situation is a little more serious, with expensive debts, in the overdraft or on the revolving credit card, resorting to financial assistance may be necessary.

It is important to keep in mind that this aid is momentary, not the solution. Analyze your problem and see which loan option might be best to solve it:


Payroll loan

Payroll loan

Among the types of loans available on the market, payroll loans are the best option for those who need financial assistance. With interest that revolves around 2% monthly, the payroll loan is an alternative for those with debts in more expensive lines of credit in the market, such as credit card and overdraft, or had an expense that was not foreseen in the budget and there is no financial reserve to cover it.

It is possible to use the payroll’s financial aid to pay off the oldest debt in sight, substituting one for the other, for much more friendly interest, which is a good option. The only restriction is that the payroll loan is only available to pensioners and retirees or employees of companies that have an agreement with a bank or financial institution to offer the benefit to their employees.


Personal loan

Personal loan

Those who do not have access to the payroll loan model can opt for the financial assistance of the personal loan. The average annual rate of this modality is 3.02% per month, which, although higher than the first option, is cheaper than overdraft and credit card. The ideal is to look for specific lines, such as income tax refund or anticipation of the thirteenth salary. In these cases, the financing is directly linked to the payment of the benefit in question. As soon as you receive the money, the discount on the value of the personal loan (and its interest) is made.


How not to depend on financial aid

financial loans

Financial help may be needed at certain times in life. The important thing is not to make this a habit. Use the borrowed loan wisely, either to pay off a more expensive debt or solve an emergency problem. From there, it is important to seek to acquire healthy financial habits, avoiding waste.

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