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Where to get a loan for two documents?

Usually, to get borrowed funds, you need to provide a whole ton of securities, including certificates and evidence of financial independence. But in modern society, a request for a quick loan on two documents is relevant.

Its feature is a quick and easy procedure with a minimum set of papers. This is usually associated with a small loan amount and a short loan period.

For many Ukrainians this is a great opportunity to get money in the shortest possible time. For example, when they found a profitable offer or big discounts, and wait a long time before the salary. In order not to deny yourself the pleasant and necessary, you can draw up a consumer loan according to two documents.

This article will examine in more detail where you can get a loan under two documents and on what conditions.

What 2 documents are needed?


To take a cash loan in accordance with two documents, the applicant must provide:

  • Passport;
  • Taxpayer Identification Code.

Almost everyone carries an identification card with them, so it’s always possible to apply for a loan with a passport. The simplified format is much more convenient than the classic banking, in which additional requirements are added to the listed ones:

  • Information on official employment and term of work in the last place;
  • Information about income;
  • Certificate of ownership of the apartment or car.

But a loan without an INN can only be obtained at a pawnshop, leaving collateral, or from private lenders “on receipt”.

Where can I get a loan for two documents?


Today, you can take a consumer loan under two documents in the following organizations:

  • Banking structures;
  • Microcredit companies.

These organizations work in one direction – lending to the population, but there is a huge difference in approaches and principles of work.

So, banks focus on large sums and long periods of cooperation, so finding a suitable option with a minimum of securities is not an easy task. MFIs, on the contrary, are aimed at short-term cooperation, which does not imply sky-high amounts and annual contracts. Therefore, most MFIs provide services under such soft conditions.

Which banks give a loan under two documents?


As already mentioned above, it is more difficult to obtain a loan from a bank under two documents than from alternative representatives. So, if the company does not check the creditworthiness of the client, then the loan parameters are significantly reduced:

  • The allowable amount is reduced;
  • Reduces the term of financing;
  • Additional nuances are requested (e.g. a deposit account for insurance).

Also, one should not forget that the bank operates according to the schedule in a stationary mode, therefore, clients have to not only wait in line at the premises, get to the office, but also take time to visit.

Based on the above requirements, it will not work to get a loan for a car or a mortgage loan for 2 securities, since these are long-term transactions with large amounts. See the table below for an example.

What MFIs give loans to individuals under 2 documents?


It is easiest to get an express loan using two documents in an MFI, because an online loan application for two documents is completed and processed in a few minutes. This procedure can be done from home using a computer or anywhere else using a smartphone with the Internet.

There are 2 types of microcredit companies:

  • Some require you to attach a scan copy or photo with docks in your hands to the site (to avoid fraud and the use of other people’s id cards);
  • Others offer to get a loan without downloading documents, just enter their data in the questionnaire. This is how Bradamante’s online lending service works, the multi-level security system of which does not allow fraudsters to get a loan using fake documents, because all the data provided goes through several stages of encryption.

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