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You can avail loan despite fixed-term contract.

Need temporary employment contract

Need temporary employment contract

A temporary employment contract is not necessarily what banks and savings banks want from borrowers when they take out a loan. But on the contrary. As a rule, they insist that there must be permanent employment. For at least six months. This must also be proven with the help of an appropriate employment contract.

However, as is well known, there are now many employees who have no permanent position and therefore cannot meet the wishes of the banking houses. Because many employers prefer to work on fixed-term contracts rather than being committed to an employee. This is then pushed as far as the law allows. And so it can happen that an employee has never had a permanent employment contract.

This is particularly painful when a loan has to be taken out despite a temporary employment contract. Because banks do not tolerate a fixed-term contract, the path to a loan can be a rocky and difficult one despite a fixed-term contract. But with a little persistence and patience, this can also be mastered.

The best chances of getting a loan despite a fixed-term contract

The best chances of getting a loan despite a fixed-term contract

If you do not want to take any risks and want the best opportunities for the loan, you should look for a second borrower. A person who can present a permanent contract of employment. If there is this employment contract, the bank will orient it and calculate the loan accordingly. If the amount of income and the Credit Bureau match, there is nothing standing in the way of borrowing.

A consumer loan can also work as a loan despite a fixed-term contract. Here, the traders who grant such a loan look less at the type of income, but rather at the fact that the Credit Bureau fits and the income is available that is sufficient to be able to fully repay the loan. Since this should usually work out quite well, it makes no difference whether the income or the income comes from a temporary or permanent employment contract.

Tip: If you work with a credit partner, you should be aware that they are fully liable for the loan. It is therefore necessary to think carefully before deciding whether you can afford the loan or not. If you have any concerns in this regard, you should refrain from taking out a loan rather than bringing the loan partner into financial difficulties in the end because he has to pay the loan because you are unable to do so yourself.

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